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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

The ethos of Easton Royal Academy is one which values the individuality of each child. The staff and Governors are committed to a Policy which seeks to meet the needs of each child, particularly by developing and reinforcing self-esteem and by encouraging a positive attitude to learning and life. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are given the opportunity to benefit from a challenging education in a positive and inclusive environment.

Able Gifted and Talented

We believe that all children have abilities and talents and it is the school's aim to nurture these and give opportunities for children to discover what they are good at and build upon it. We recognise that many of our pupils are 'High Achievers'. They may be Able in different areas of the curriculum, or have skills in particular areas that might identify them as Gifted or Talented. 

The school's commitment to support higher achieving pupils begins in the Infants. Our observations of even the youngest children, helps us to identify and nurture their many talents and interests! Our on-going assessments reveal how children develop in Maths, Reading and Writing and this, alongside our regular reviews of children's work, means we can track their progress.

Our mixed age classes give many natural opportunities for Gifted and Talented children to be extended within the curriculum. All class work is differentiated, in all subjects, to enable children of all abilities to flourish. Children choose their own challenge level in each lesson (mild, spicy or hot).  The emphasis is on encouraging children to be decision makers and to develop the skills that they need in order to become motivated, independent learners for life.

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