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Curriculum Drivers

There are six elements that are driving all of our work on our curriculum at Easton Royal Academy. We developed them through engagement with a wide body of research in the areas of pedagogy and curriculum design as well as linking them with our aims for our children.  They now govern our decisions as we plan, teach and assess our curriculum.

  • We assess the impact of our curriculum based on change in long-term memory; what has ‘gone in’?  This is sometimes best assessed through talk.
  • Our planning takes into account the growing body of research about how to teach so that children remember;  regular recall of information, linking ideas conceptually, linking new ideas to prior knowledge, using stories, conflicts, comparisons, dilemmas...
  • Lessons are exciting and stimulating and units are enriched by visits, visitors and other memorable events.  These are the stories children will tell when they are older about what they did at primary school.
  • We give ourselves space in the curriculum and in the timetable to cover subjects in depth; this means that subjects are taught discretely and are not lumped together as one ‘topic’.  
  • We place importance on subject-specific progression, knowledge and skills (what makes a Y2 scientist, compared to a Y5 scientist?).  Children know the subject discipline in which they are working.
  • We are very focused about the concepts that children will be learning in each subject and this gives us time to deepen knowledge and understanding.
  • Powerful books are used as a stimulus in daily English lessons and these are studied in detail from different angles and perspectives.
  • Our curriculum capitalises on opportunities in each subject to raise issues related to equity, diversity and social justice.
  • Our curriculum addresses inequity through a rigorous approach to closing any gaps in attainment between different groups of pupils.
  • Currently, we do not have high levels of diversity in our school and this increases our responsibility to support our children with a curriculum which celebrates it; authors are not always white, Britain were not always the glorious victors, our history timeline is Western, scientists are not always men, Africa is a diverse continent, charity is a small part of a big picture, families do not always have a mum and a dad…
  • Our curriculum includes frequent, planned opportunities to explicitly teach the skills/strategies/characteristics of self-regulated learners.  Our ‘Epic Learning Skills’ are:
  • Join in
  • Collaborate
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Think Actively
  • Take Control
  • Adapt & Apply
  • Children benefit from high quality, inspirational resources (artefacts, museums, galleries, digital content…)
  • Our curriculum is enhanced by expert and inspirational speakers
  • We share with children “rich and challenging ideas, above their pay grade”.  Our belief in what they are able to achieve is very high and the curriculum reflects this.
  • We have so many features in our local area near Pewsey and Marlborough (The river Kennet, the Kennet & Avon canal, Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, West Kennet long-barrow, Savernake forest, Pewsey nature reserve, Devizes museum, Swindon theatre to name but a few).  We use local people and local resources as a source of learning and pride.
  • We aim to go out into the local area on visits and field trips to enrich learning every term.
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