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Excalibur Academies Trust


We are an academy within Excalibur Academies Trust, alongside Burbage, Ogbourne, Oare, St Katharine's, Great Bedwyn, Nythe (Swindon), Lambourn (Swindon), Liden (Swindon), May Park (Bristol), Fairfield (Bristol), John O'Gaunt (Hungerford), The Wren School (Reading) and St John’s (Marlborough).  We enjoy collaborative working within the Trust, while maintaining our individuality.

For further information about Excalibur Academies Trust and St John’s Marlborough (our ‘hub’ secondary school), please see the following websites:



Aims of the Excalibur Curriculum

Trust -wide curriculum intent

Our common aim is to teach our children to become excited, engaged learners, able to achieve excellence. All our academies provide our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed for all our learners to be successful and able to realise their dreams. Within this framework, through a process of support and collaboration, each academy has been empowered to develop its own curriculum.


As a multi-academy hub-based trust, we believe in a seamless, all-through curriculum for all our pupils. To achieve this aim, we work together with our primary colleagues to ensure each academy has a curriculum that will provide our pupils with the learning and values they need to become well-balanced, caring and responsive learners, young people who have the resilience and self-belief to make a difference.


Trust-wide Science Intent

To build a continuum of learning from EYFS to A-Level. Through an aspirational, inclusive curriculum, our pupils will learn to become innovative, curious scientists. They will be challenged to think about the implications of science today and in the future, as responsible, global citizens. 

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