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Our Curriculum: Aims

We have 3 aims for our curriculum and they reflect the kind of children that we want to leave our school, having followed our curriculum for their time in primary education.  If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, you can look at the other curriculum tabs or contact the school office at admin@eastonroyal.excalibur.org.uk or on 01672810477.

1. Engaged Learners


…who are independent thinkers with a love of enquiry and challenge; who are equipped with the skills to regulate their own learning in order to make excellent progress and achieve their full potential.  In addition to excellent subject knowledge and skills, children who have learned through the Easton Royal curriculum are confident in the skills that they need to become life-long learners.  They ask big questions and set their own standards based on outstanding feedback about their learning; they can evaluate their own learning and outcomes and overcome challenges in order to succeed.

2. Creative & Confident Individuals


…who are able to lead safe, happy and fulfilling lives and are able to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in a range of different ways.

Children who have learned through the Easton Royal Curriculum are effective collaborators and are able to take on a range of roles within a team; they are able to use their confidence to support, encourage and advocate for the the success and development of others.

3. Active Citizens


...who are engaged in their local and global communities.  

Children who have learned through the Easton Royal Curriculum recognise and value difference and diversity and respect others for who they are.  They understand the meaning and importance of justice and equality and they appreciate the natural world.

The curriculum gives children a developing understanding of how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically and environmentally.

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