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We now have a learning conference every year.  Since the original day...

School council have:

  • Taught their peers in Yr R, 1 and 2 about what they have learned;
  • Created an 'Epic Learning' rewards system based on collectible cards for each different skill;
  • Created sub-skills within each of the 5 areas of learning.
  • Added a 6th area called 'Adapt & Apply' (this one is so recent that our graphics haven't caught up yet!).

Staff have:

  • Written 'Epic Learning' into the ERA teaching and learning policy;
  • Noticed 'Epic Learning' as it happens in class and note learners' names and achievements in the class EL book.
  • Awarded weekly certificates and celebrated success.
  • Provided more opportunities for true collaboration and evaluation in lessons.
  • Created a 'next step' target system that puts children in charge of their own progress.

In the spirit of learning - we still think we can do this better and we are looking forward to our next conference!


We wanted the children's advice about the best way to create a really excellent and vibrant learning culture at the school.  School council took on the project and had some training on learning skills and the brain.  They decided there were 2 main things that would need to happen:

1) Everyone in the school would need to understand what excellent learning is like;

2) Lessons would need to include lots of opportunities for everyone to practise different ways of learning.

School council organised a learning conference at our partner school, St John's, Marlborough where children in yrs 3,4,5 and 6 would have opportunities to think and talk about learning.  Some of the areas that were discussed at the conference can be seen on the video below.

The initial conference day was a big success and children came up with the Easton Royal Academy 'Epic Learning' skills.

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