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Community Projects

Virtual Scarecrow Trail

Euan, one of our reception children had been missing his local scarecrow festival (it had been cancelled due to Coronavirus safety measures) and so he decided to set up his own virtual festival with his family.  We supported him and opened it to our wider community.  There was a massive response and all entries went into a prize draw - the winner was Teddy Harris!

CongratulationsTeddy and thanks to Euan for this great idea.

Community Lip-Sync project - ‘Higher and Higher’

We worked on this together during lock-down - it was designed to be a bit of fun and something for children to get excited about.  it also shows how well we work together and that we are still a community, even when we are not able to be physically together in person.


Community Lip-Sync Project 2 - ‘Reach for the Stars’

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