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Every year, we enter the speaker's school council awards.  This year, we are going to enter all of our school council projects and our whole school council structure.  We do things a bit differently here and we are really proud of it!

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We have a very active school council and we hold elections every year.

To become a member of school council, you need to write your own manifesto to tell people all about your ideas to improve our school.  Remember, you will also need to show people that you have thought about how you will make things happen (you don't need to make things happen on your own - you just need to decide which members of our team would be best to help!).  If you need some help, you can download the manifesto help pack below.

We have 8 members of school council who each lead their own project in school.  All projects are linked to the United Nations Global Development goals and this helps us become aware of the world as well as issues of social justice.  We know we can do things to make a difference.

You can read about this year's projects in the document below.

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