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Aside from a whole school ethos of care, we also have some specific strategies to support children's happiness and wellbeing:

The Buddy Crew

We have 10 children in the school from a range of different year groups who have been selected because of their caring nature and the confidence they are able to draw upon to help support their peers.  The Buddy Crew receive 3 days of 'peer mediation' training throughout every year  and become very skilled in support.  They wear red hats and bands and are easily recognisable - children can approach them for support on the playground or they can sit on the buddy bench and a member fo the crew will arrive to help.  You can find out more about The Buddy Crew under the 'Learning' tab of our website.

‘High Five’


We follow the 'High 5' system of conflict resolution in school.  All children are trained through drama activities to 'talk friendly' and 'talk firmly' and there is an expectation that children have a go at resolving any playground disagreements by talking and expressing their feelings calmly.  There are always adults on hand to support this process.

Part of our 'high 5s training is about recognising situations where you would report an incident to an adult straight away and these situations include any bullying or discrimination.  Children understand that they also have a responsibility if they are a 'bystander'.  Children as young as reception can been seen using the approach on the playground.

Pupil Wellbeing

The well being of our children is our top priority; we understand that children are only able to learn effectively when they feel safe and happy and able to be themselves.

One of the many benefits of a small school community is that children are truly known by all staff and all of their peers in every year group.  We have a strong ethos of care in the school and we all look after each other.  No matter which class or year group you are in, staff and children will pay attention and support you.  The size of the school means that we are able to offer a very personalised approach to supporting children whenever they need it.

We have also formed lots of links in the Pewsey and Marlborough areas with outside agencies that support children and families.

Emotional Literacy Support


We employ an Emotional Literacy Support Advisor (ELSA) to whom we are able to refer children who need support with a range of areas from friendships, recognising and sharing feelings, anxiety, resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Teachers highlight children who they think would benefit from this but please do contact your child's teacher if you would like this to be considered as an option for your child.

Preventing Bullying

Bullying can happen in any school and, while we do not have many incidents, we remain vigilant and we have developed a comprehensive approach to bullying alongside the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

You can find out more about our approach not he following link:


Please speak to your child's teacher without delay if you have a bullying concern.  We will deal with matters swiftly and sensitively.

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