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This year we have increased the range and number of competitive sports festivals available to our children, including football, orienteering, tag rugby, kwik cricket and athletics to name but a few. This has meant that all the children from Y1-Y6 have been invited to take part in at least one festival, with the junior children generally taking part in three each.

This has been very successful, with children hugely enjoying the experiences and taking part in an inclusive and reciprocal way. The Small Schools Sports festivals has also included training for young sports leaders in Year 6 who then take a lead role in either scoring or umpiring the events. 

We have very active playtimes, utilising the skills of our older children as ‘Sports Leaders’ to enhance the activities on offer.  Following our whole school and parent skipping workshops, children are keen skippers and can be seen practicing tricks at playtime.. 

We have a number of active approaches to improving self-esteem, confidence, strength, agility and balance:

- Paul Matthews runs small group and 1:1 training sessions with key children.

- We take key children to the climbing wall at St Francis school.

- We have secured a hard-to-come-by place at Manton Riding Stables as part of the RDA scheme. This is a block of sessions for a key child, nominated by staff.


In line with getting pupils more active during the school day, we have introduced ‘Wake and Shake’ style morning activities in the hall, run by Mrs Batten.  We also run 'The ERA 1K' once a week.

You can read about our exciting and inclusive Physical Education (PE) curriculum in the 'Learning' section of our site (curriculum>subjects>PE)

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