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"The children are taught according to their ability and are encouraged to push the boundaries without force… the children are happy and for them it feels like a school family… every aspect of a child's personality is nurtured.” (Parent, 2018)

“Small class sizes enable close attention to a child's needs.  The combined year group teaching means my child can learn based on ability rather than age.  ERA has a caring and kind culture which sees all age groups interacting.” (Parent, 2018)

"Good relationships between pupils and staff permeate the school. Pupils of all backgrounds feel valued and included. Parents show strong support for the principal and staff and this has made a good contribution to the improvements that have taken place. One parent’s comment was typical of many: ‘The feel of a small village school has not been forgotten, which is a positive, but the outlook extends far past the village boundary.’" (Ofsted, Summer 2018)

"Each child is known individually by all staff…my children feel secure and willing to learn in this environment...the school strives to improve itself so tirelessly.” (Parent, 2018)


"Staff know the pupils as individuals and support them effectively according to their different needs." (Ofsted, Summer 2017) 

"Pupils are well mannered and extremely courteous. " (Ofsted, Summer 2017)

"Pupils make strong progress in reading and writing and, consequently, by the end of key stage 2, pupils’ attainment in both is well above

average. Pupils enjoy reading and are eager to discuss their favourite books and authors. During the inspection, I found numerous examples of well-developed handwriting with consistently well-formed characters. Particularly accurate geometrical drawing in mathematics exemplified the widespread high quality of pupils’ presentation and the great pride they take in their work." (Ofsted, Summer 2017)    

"Pupils I spoke to were confident that when conflict or disagreement occurs between pupils, staff are quick to respond. Any form of bullying is rare at this school." (Ofsted, Summer 2017) 

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"Pupils' work, lessons observed, comments from parents and carers and the academy’s tracking information demonstrate that pupils make at least good progress through the academy. Pupils’ attainment at the end of Year 2 is above average." (Ofsted, Summer 2013)

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