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"The children are taught according to their ability and are encouraged to push the boundaries without force… the children are happy and for them it feels like a school family… every aspect of a child's personality is nurtured.” (Parent, 2014)

“Small class sizes enable close attention to a child's needs.  The combined year group teaching means my child can learn based on ability rather than age.  ERA has a caring and kind culture which sees all age groups interacting.” (Parent, 2014)

"Each child is known individually by all staff…my children feel secure and willing to learn in this environment...the school strives to improve itself so tirelessly.” (Parent, 2014)

"Teachers mark pupils’ work regularly and provide them with a clear understanding of how to improve. The high-quality written dialogue that takes place between teachers and pupils ensures pupils are aware of their targets and how close they are to meeting or exceeding them." (Ofsted, Summer 2013) 


"Teachers know the pupils well and plan work that is closely matched to their prior understanding. Pupils of all abilities, including the more able, are challenged to do well because teachers have high expectations of what they are capable of achieving. Almost without exception, pupils work hard and do their best." (Ofsted, Summer 2013) 

"Pupils are exceptionally well motivated to learn and they thoroughly enjoy being in the academy. When asked why, one pupil responded, ‘Because we know everyone and they are all our friends.’" (Ofsted, Summer 2013)

"The teaching of phonics (letters and the sounds they make) is very effective." (Ofsted, Summer 2013)    

"Relationships are excellent. Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the academy is outstanding. There is no fuss as pupils move between activities and when teachers ask for their attention it is given quickly." (Ofsted, Summer 2013) 

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"Pupils' work, lessons observed, comments from parents and carers and the academy’s tracking information demonstrate that pupils make at least good progress through the academy. Pupils’ attainment at the end of Year 2 is above average." (Ofsted, Summer 2013)

"The number of pupils in each cohort is very small so the analysis of assessments and tests has to be treated with caution."  (Ofsted, Summer 2013)   

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