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Who are the governors and what is their role?

Welcome to the Easton Royal Academy (ERA) Local Governing Body (LGB) webpage. 

ERA is a member of the Excalibur Academies Trust which requires each school to have a LGB. The ERA LGB is a committee of the Excalibur Board. We have a strategic role in the development of the school. We do not become involved in the day-to-day management issues with the School - that is the role of the Principal.


Governors are there to :

1. Provide a strategic view to help set and maintain the broad framework within which the Principal and the staff should run the school.

2. Act as a critical friend to provide the Principal with support and offer advice and information, but also provide positive challenge.

In essence the LGB is there to monitor and evaluate the school’s effectiveness. The Principal and staff are accountable to the LGB for the school’s performance and in turn the LGB is accountable to parents, Excalibur Academies Trust and any other stakeholder (eg local council) for the school’s overall performance.


Detailed Responsibilities of the LGB:

1. Working with the Principal to ensure the curriculum meets agreed requirements.

2. Working with the Principal on a strategic 3 year plan for the school.

3. Agreeing an annual Academy Improvement Plan (AIP).

4. Working with the lead teachers to ensure objectives for their subjects are met.

5. Visiting the school during term time as part of the above process.

6. Comparing the performance of ERA with similar schools.

7. Asking Challenging questions.


What we don’t do:

1. Inspect the school.

2. Report on the quality of teaching after visiting the school.

3. Authorise expenditure.

4. Share concerns about staff capability.

5. Decide on how pupils are taught different subjects.

6. Have the right to exclude a pupil.

7. Write the school’s policies.


The ERA LGB consists of:

The Principal - always a member of any LGB

Parent Governors - volunteer parents or carers with children at the school.

Community Governors - volunteers from the local community.

Teaching Staff Governors - volunteers from the school teaching staff

Details of the current membership are provided below. 


We meet 6 times a year. If you are interested in becoming a governor or would like more information on please contact the Principal.

You can find out more about each of our governors by reading the details below:

Tony Anthistle

Chair of Governors

I joined the Easton Royal Academy Local Governing Body (LGB) in December 2018.  I live locally and have 2 grandchildren at the school.


I retired in 2017.   My last role was Service Delivery Director responsible for the servicing  and maintenance of all military air traffic control systems in the U.K. and overseas.  Previous roles included Engineering General Manager in NATS (formerly the National Air Traffic Service) MD of 2 large bus companies and a number of senior roles in the British Army.


Easton Royal Academy has a well deserved reputation as a school of the highest quality. A wonderful place for our young people to learn and develop.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to chair the LGB, a dedicated group committed to supporting the Principal and her staff as they continue to deliver excellent quality education. 


Rob Mead

Parent Governor

I started as Parent Governor at Easton Royal Academy in January 2016.

I have three children at the school. We all care about our children’s education and I see this as an opportunity to have an active role in ERA’s continued successful progression and to help both current and future children to achieve their potential.

In the short time I have been involved, it is clear that the staff and governors are dedicated and committed to ensuring that ERA continues to be a great school and I am really pleased to be a part of it.


Will Lunn

Parent Governor

With one child who started at ERA in Sept of 2015 it was clear from the start that the school was a real community with opportunities to get involved with activities and decision making. I am passionate about providing a consistent approach to education in both the home and school and welcomed the opportunity to become a governor in October of 2016.

My mother grew up in the Pewsey Vale where my grandfather farmed since the 50’s. I have a number of family connections and feel a genuine connection and love for the area and its people. I enjoy exploring, mainly on foot and bike, the local area and its rich historic landscape. I have worked, in a technical capacity, for a housing association for the last 13 years.

In my early life I enjoyed a small bit of success in playing the drums – although they stay in the shed more often than not nowadays – and always welcome the opportunity to make some noise and get others involved in doing so.

Kevin Robinson

Parent Governor

I came onboard as Parent Governor at Easton Royal Academy in May 2017 after wanting to get more involved with the school and the local community after recently relocating to Wiltshire from Reading.  I have one child in Reception at present and hopefully my youngest to join in the future.  I am all about trying to make a difference where I can, and have been welcomed into the school and excited to learn more about how I can help.  My impressions so far of the school are that its an exciting and vibrant place to be, my daughter loves it and I wanted to be part of that journey.


Alison O'Shaughnessy

Support Staff Governor

I joined the Easton Royal community as a parent in early 2007 before becoming a member of staff in 2009.

I grew up in Glasgoe and graduated from Strathclyde Univercity in geography and biology.

My early career was in the Civil Service before going on to become a software developer in Bristol and London.

My husband and I settled in the Collingbournes in 1993 going on to spent 15 years building our house.

I watched all 3 of my children grow and thrive at Easton Royal and I have loved working for the school. I felt the time was right to become a staff governor and my aim is to use my experience and commitment to the school to help ensure that it continues to thrive in a challenging climate and provide the next batch of children with the fabulous experience that mine had.

Alison - Governor picture

Amelia Gammon


Emma Dickie

Parent Governor

I joined the Governors team in October 2018. I currently have a child in reception and 2 more to start in the next few years.

As a new school parent, I have quickly experienced the uniqueness of Easton Royal Academy. It is a very special learning environment and I am committed to supporting the school to continue thriving.

I am a digital business strategic consultant, specialising in film, television and music. 

Community Governor

We came to Easton Royal village in 2009 and have been welcomed by a very warm, interested and active community.  

The community life is vibrant and we are lucky to have Easton Royal Academy, which gives us the opportunity to share our facilities and to volunteer in school to support the children. I was delighted to be asked to be a community governor to support the staff and pupils to become the best they can be and to seek out adventure and challenge in a supportive environment. 

I trained as a Physiotherspist in London and continue to work as a clinical specialist at the Great Western. I have two grown-up children who live and work in London.

I look forward to supporting the school over the coming year.

Staff Governor

I joined Easton Royal as the Teacher of the infants in 2017. 

Following a successful career in Project Management, I moved to Spain in 2005 with my family and had the opportunity to teach English as a Foreign Language.  This experience made me realise how much I loved working with children, so when we returned, I pursued a career as a Teacher and have never looked back!

I love how every day is different and enjoy helping the children discover new and exciting things every day.  I have an additional role as lead practitioner in Early Years for Excalibur Academies Trust.

Julie McKay


Michael Braithwaite


Community Governor

I moved to Wiltshire from London in 2007 with my Wife. We both work as management consultants in digital transformation mainly around Westminster for central government. 

Previous to my work in digital I worked in and ran a government funded training company working with unemployed people and hard to reach young people not in employment education or training. 

Taking on the role as a school governor gives me the opportunity to use my digital knowledge and experience to be of service to the community that has welcomed my wife and I. 

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