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Everyone in our school community is a learner; teachers, children, parents, TAs, MDSAs, our governors and our principal.  We aim for excellence by aspiring to be the best that we can and adventure by seeking out new challenges and inspirational experiences that take us from our comfort zones into the exciting and unknown. See below for more detail about our vision for Easton Royal Academy...

  • We expect the best from ourselves and from each other.
  • We know about the learning process; we can talk and think about learning as a subject in its own right.
  • We are aspirational; we want to exceed from every starting point and we have a relentless drive to achieve this in all areas.
  • We love challenge and we know that the best learners are ‘stuck’ for a while.
  • Each learner in our school has the opportunities and support they need to overcome their own challenges and be excellent.
  • We use our understanding of learning to choose our own challenges.
  • We are fantastic at evaluating where we are now and where we want to be next.  We know how to get there.
  • We are brilliant at noticing when someone has overcome a challenge; together we celebrate each step.
  • We are exceptional communicators; with each other and with the local, national and global community.
  • We celebrate difference; excellent learning comes from as many different viewpoints as possible.
  • We have an active, open, honest and robust approach to behaviour and safety (including bullying and e-safety); we learn best when we are safe and secure.

  • We provide daily novel and inspirational experiences that take us from our comfort zones into the exciting and unknown.
  • We turn lessons on their heads.
  • We promote enquiry, autonomy and independence; the best adventurers have opportunities to ask questions and decide for themselves where they want to go.
  • We celebrate each step of the journey; we specialise in noticing.
  • We are open to mistakes; we look for better paths and opportunities to learn from better people.
  • We are open to new experiences; we take considered risks and try new things, even if they are out of our comfort zones.
  • The best adventures develop the whole person; we recognise there are a multitude of different ways to learn and to evidence learning.
  • We risk-assess and think ahead in order to stay safe and secure.
  • We write postcards home to keep everyone informed about our journey; we know that the best adventurers need a support team!
  • We bring back treasures that we have worked hard for and feel proud of.
  • Our ‘all-through’ approach enables us to guide learners seamlessly from one stage of their adventure to the next.
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